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Strength and Durability

Chain link fence offers strength and durability at an affordable price.  Chain link fence is made of woven steel wire that forms a diamond pattern and is then either galvanized in zinc or coated in optional colored vinyl


Chain-link remains the favorite for residential fencing needs. You can get chain-link in galvanized steel or vinyl coated, and you can transform your chain-link into privacy fencing with the addition of vinyl slats. Chain-link is still one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to provide security and access control.


Because of its economical nature, it is utilized for both residential and commercial applications. Because of the security it offers, it is favored by state and local governments.  The popularity of chain-link fence is due to its relatively low cost and ease of installation. A further advantage is that due to the open weave, chain-link fences are transparent, and do not obscure sunlight from either side of the fence.


While our galvanized steel chain link fences are the more traditional option – and remain a durable, lasting product that can survive all weather conditions – our color-coated chain link fences are increasingly becoming the more popular choice. We offer black, green, brown and white color-coated options, allowing you to choose the style that fits your needs.

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